Post-punk new romantics Candy Coffins present their new album 'Once Do It With Feeling’, a loaded 10-track collection that arrives two years after their ’Somehow Misplaced' EP.

Showcasing solid songwriting, relating the themes addressed both confidently and cohesively, this album is emotionally and sonically saturated. Their music boasts Cure-esque textures and melody, as well as the thematic elements and visceral delivery of The Afghan Whigs.

"The full album chronicles a relationship from the onset of the first crack to its complete crumbling dissolution. All the feelings and emotions of tumult are captured here, from both persons’ perspectives," says frontman-songwriter Jame Lathren.

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Lush instrumentation and sombre storytelling. Their gothic post-punk vortex engulfs you. Poignant vocal melodies swoon amongst soft guitars and expansive synths to craft a song that will continue wandering the sonic corridors of your mind“ - The Record Stache

"A passionately powerful collection that, while steeped in pop nostalgia, is loaded with resonant melodies and an overall denser shimmer...channels the best from 1980s music in modern compositions that are entirely appealing for the here and now" - The Spill Magazine

"The band at their considerable best, walking a fine-tuned line between darkness and the silver-lining of new romanticism. Haunting with loads of energy... nervous, edgy vocal delivery" - Amplify Music Magazine

"An enthralling and fascinating listen with their sonic imagery, emotional turbulence and new romantic underpinnings" - Skylight Webzine

Candy Coffins check in with a full-length album that, in the waning months of 2022, might very well be one of the year’s best” - Stereo Embers Magazine

More about the band . . .

Candy Coffins offer a wellspring of superbly crafted melodic post-punk, proving to be relentless in their pursuit of material that embodies the emotive nature of human experience. While one foot is firmly planted in the foundation of brooding, emotional restlessness, the other steps into an arena of hope and elation. With tasteful nods to Joy Division, The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, The Afghan Whigs and The Cult, as well as contemporaries like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Interpol, Candy Coffins’ sound is dark and emotionally restless, but with elements of hope and elation. Defiantly unique, their sound is a welcome respite from musical mediocrity.

Candy Coffins channel the sonic confectionaries of life. Plan accordingly.